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Hey! I have a question. I recently just moved away from my boyfriend and we've decided to obviously do things long distance. We're very fortunate to both have supportive parents who help us fly from place to place. My question is - I hate just texting. I want to have skype chats or facetime with him and I've talked to him about it, however, he keeps saying he doesn't really want to or he doesn't like that. How do I politely force him into skyping with me haha?! from Anonymous

thats so awesome that your parents will do that for you! however you cant force him into do things like skype. ask him why he doesn’t want to skype? maybe he just is busy. i know texting sucks believe me but some times you guys have to negotiate. ask him to skype or facetime once a week to start, try talking on the phone too? that might help. i hope this helps.


So today is our 10 month anniversary and we barely talked.. she told me it once.. and didn't *kiss* me at all today... how should I feel..? I Wana get mad but I don't Wana be that guy.. help please... from Anonymous

she told you she didn’t want to kiss you? or she told you that you guys never talk? sorry this is a little confusing but i can try the best i can. you have the right to be upset but maybe theres something more thats bothering her, is she going through tough times? its okay to get upset with her but try to talk it over without getting to mad and frustrated with her. she might just need someone to lean on. 


My boyfriend and I have been together over a year and a half now. We skype literally every hour we're home, even with the time difference (he actually sleeps on my time). Everyone keeps trying to set me up with people here and it's so frustrating... from Anonymous

do the other people in both your lives know about your SO? try telling them you are happy with your boyfriend and you arent looking for anyone else. you and your boyfriend have been together a long time and nothing can change the way you feel about each other. just ignore the others but make sure you tell your boyfriend about the set ups. i hope this helps and would love to hear your full story. message me back if you need more help :)


Love the blog! The boyfriend and I are in a long distance relationship atm. We've loved each other for nearly 4 years and have only become stronger. Would love for you to follow us ! from perfectbitchachos

thanks for the message! we love following other long distance blogs! 


We aren't exactly dating, but we've loved each other for almost a year now. I met him for my first time earlier this month, he's from England and I'm from Canada. We spent a whole week together, he took me all around London and places I've never been before. He's coming and staying with me in September. He doesn't want to be with me in a proper relationship because he's too scared to hurt me because of his past. How do I tell him that it's okay and he's worth every single minute of my time from victims-and-the-runaways

im so sorry i didn’t respond before, that is so cute! i think you should plan a cute outing/date for the two of you and tell him straight out that you don’t mind being hurt by him. if you’ve see the fault in our stars its like how Gus didn’t mind Hazel breaking his heart because he cared about her so much. i hope i helped!


To the anon with their girlfriend 4,000 miles away: My ldbf and I are in that same boat. 4,000 miles and the 5 hr time difference. For the ticket cost situation though, try www(.)skyscanner(.)com I love the site. I just found tickets from LHR (London) to RDU (Raleigh, NC) for $1,133 from Anonymous

wow! thank you for helping others too <3 


I live 4000 miles from the girl I love, there's a sea between us, there's a 5 hour time difference, and it would cost 2000 dollars for her to come see me... I just want to hold her in my arms but I can't and it's unlikely that I'll be able to anytime soon. long distance relationships suck, and they're so difficult, but I love her and I'd wait forever for her from Anonymous

Something thats easy and creative is make each other a survival kit for each other. fill it with a blanket that smells like you, a tee shirt of hoodie, books, candy, postcards, a journal, a teddy bear, movies, etc. or you guys can have date nights over skype. order in chinese of pizza and watch the same movie over skype together. i know it isn’t perfect but it helps not miss them as much. i hope this helps :) 

-Destiny <3

hi!! i've been with my boyfriend for 7 months, he's Russian and i'm from the UK. He goes to school here but he's now gone back home for the summer...i'm used to seeing him every day apart from a couple of weeks for holidays or christmas but now i wont see him for 2 months and i'm already missing him like crazy :( we talk a lot and skype but it doesn't replace him being here... advice? from fluidityy

Oh hun I know exactly what you’re going through. I used to go to boarding school and I was in the exact same position. I missed the guy like crazy too, but I just made sure to talk to him as much as possible. Just keep skypeing with him, texting him if you can, talk to him on the phone, and so on. Try to schedule times to talk, and you can even plan like dates and stuff, like watching a movie while you two are skypeing or something. Just remember that the relationship is fragile when it’s long distance, so you both need to choose your words carefully. Try to avoid arguments, and if there is something small, not like anything too big, try to see if you can guys can just move on without fighting or anything. And I don’t know if it’s possible for you, but maybe try to see if you can fly out to see each other or something. I know its hard, and I wish there was an easier way, but you just have to remember that all the long distance is temporary. 

I just want someone who won’t get annoyed when I text them six times or in all caps. Someone I can go on long drives with and can sing along to the radio with. Someone I can eat pizza with at 2am and kiss at 6pm. Someone who chooses me everyday and never thinks twice about it.

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